KrisD Mauga- Refined Rebel Photographer Specializing in Editorial Life Satire Photography for risktaking, wild and free-sprited people 562.310.5513



I am the Refined Rebel photographer who celebrates wild, free-spirited, dramatic people through editorial styled concept shoots.


Refined Rebels are people who do not conform to societies standard of normal, people who celebrate & LIVE life, people who love diversity and embrace others for their differences, people who are daring and want positive change in this world, people who can laugh at themselves, people who dance like their is no one watching, people who express themselves through style, art and outward self expression. Life is short and should be celebrated & honored with even the smallest of moments! Food fights, football fumbles, burnt dinners, romantic goofs, martini's on the commode....all moments to cherish & laugh at with fondness and even celebrate!

Take a walk on the wild side